Protect your home from wildfire

Home hardening or fireproofing can provide the peace of mind that your home is protected during wildfire.

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Wildfires are a natural part of California’s landscape and the fire season in California and across the West is starting earlier and lasting longer each year.  If you live in areas at risk for wildfire, it’s important to fireproof your home.  At The Home Hardening Company, we provide you with peace of mind by offering state of the art materials that are approved by Cal Fire to harden your home and provide defensible space solutions to protect your home from wildfire.

It’s Important to Take Steps to Fireproof and Protect Your Home from Wildfire

Home hardening has been referred to as fireproofing.  It is defined as using fire-resistant materials to defend your home against windblown embers and fire. Home hardening is recommended by Cal Fire as one of the best ways to protect homes from fires and to limit the spread of wildfire.  We use the following 3 steps to help homeowners harden their homes and properties.

Our 3 Steps to Fireproof Your Home

1. We do an assessment of your entire property to harden and help protect it against fire.

2. We provide a quote that includes a full fire prevention plan for your property that includes pictures.

3. We will install the agreed home hardening fireproofing plan to protect your home from wildfire.

Representative giving quote for fireproofing your home
Professionals use Vulcan Vents when fireproofing homes

Vulcan Vent

Vulcan Vents will keep dangerous embers from entering the ventilation areas of your home.


Leaf Defender™

Leaf Defender™ keeps gutters clear of fire hazards making your home safe from fires.



Shakertown siding uses clear vertical grain heartwood cedar, giving their products a unique appearance and texture, that’s WUI compliant.

Dolly Varden Home Square

Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden can be applied direct to soffit joists in California's High Fire Severity Zone. The only product of its type to pass this tough test standard.


Garage Doors

Carriage House Door Company is proud to offer WUI compliant garage door products that offer a level of fire protection.


Windows & Doors

We will make recommendations based on local and state codes for windows and doors that are fire rated.

Home Hardening Products

The Home Hardening Company is committed to protecting your home from wildfire.  That’s why we’ve chosen to only work with these top-rated companies with fireproofing products.

  • Vulcan Vents
  • Leaf Defender
  • Shakertown
  • Dolly Varden
  • Garage Doors
  • Windows
  • Doors

Be Prepared. Harden Your Home!

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